#Def.(“Status” Saved By Grace), (“Nationality” Japanese-Canadian), (“MBTI” INFJ-T), (“ENNEagram” 5), (“Homeschool grad“).
クリスチャン。日本 🇯🇵とカナダ🇨🇦の人。研究者タイプ。ホームスクール卒。

I’m a university student who previously used to blog on SJ Barnard. I began this blog to broaden the scope of things I talk about. As a homeschool graduate, I’m very passionate about winning the world for Christ–and some of the ways I see that happening is through understanding where something comes from, whether it’s an art form (like books & music) or a small discussion.

大学生です。今までは SJ Barnardいしょうだんすのなかでブログを書いてきました。前ブログでは書いてこなかった事にもチャレンジしてみたくてこのブログを始めました。ホームスクール(自宅学習)卒業生として、聖書始め弟子訓練から世界宣教について情熱を燃やしています。(少し情熱的過ぎかも知れません笑笑。)特に、「それはどこから来て、どこへ行こうとしているのか」が大事だと思っています。(本や芸術に限らず。)

Although I have been reading and writing fiction for as long as I can remember, I have recently been realising the importance of reflection–that is, going back to how I react to the things around me. So, on this blog, I want to reflect on the things around me–on music, on art, on books. And not just that, but to what is happening in the world around me.


I hope that you will join me in this endeavour of reflection & that you will be blessed by it.




(like C. S. Lewis, Dostoyevsky, and Osamu Dazai)


(like setting up homeschool panels, organising events, & c.)

Japanese Art & Culture・日本の文化

(…what else is there to write about???)

Theology & Philosophy

・神学 & 哲学

(like learning Hebrew, reviewing the Creeds, or debating Nietzche.)


(like classical composers, vocaloid, and soundtracks)

…and more!


I may or may not write some of the posts in Japanese. If I do so, I will try to give a translated version.